How often are audiences updated?

Audiences are updated weekly, every Monday at 5am MT.

How often is POI information updated?

POI data is updated on a monthly basis. 

What does POI mean?

POI refers to a point-of-interest and essentially means a location.

Is there a minimum audience size?

Public Audiences have a minimum size of 5,000 users and Custom Audiences have a minimum size of 1,000 users. 

How long is data kept in an audience?  

Public audiences currently use data from the past 4 months, though this timespan is occasionally adjusted. For custom audiences, the time frame depends on the user’s input. If you provide a start date when creating an audience, then we treat it as a fixed point and data is never dropped from the audience as long as it's active. If no start date is given, the audience is created and refreshed weekly with data from the past 3 months.

Why is an audience smaller than I expected?

It is important to remember that an audience size will not equal the population of a POI. In order for a user to be added to an audience: 1) an app on their phone must include the SDK of one of our data partners, 2) the app must collect the users location data while they are inside the POI, 3) the user must consent to their data being used for personalized advertising. 

Another reason an audience may be smaller than expected could be that it was built with constraints, such as a high minimum frequency.