RainBarrel is a proprietary Audience Graph built with commercially available geospatial data to help advertisers deliver their message to the right people. We provide advertisers big and small with audiences they can use in their digital advertising campaigns. Our name pays homage to our dedication to collecting clean and transparent audience data that is both verifiable and thorough. 


RainBarrel believes advertisers have the right to know where their budget is going. That is why we strive to provide our advertisers with clear and transparent access to audience information and methodology. Digital advertising should not be a black box. 


RainBarrel currently offers three products:

  • Public Audiences: Segments RainBarrel builds and maintains that are available for all users of specific third-party audience marketplaces.
  • Custom Audiences: Audiences created for a specific advertiser based on their specified criteria.
  • EthoSense Audiences: Audiences segmented based on key socio-ethno demographic characteristics and household values.


For answers to common questions about RainBarrel and our audiences, please visit our FAQs. You can also keep up to date with any updates in our monthly Release Notes.