RainBarrel and Deloitte Triple Acquisitions for Wealth Management Company


An audit and assurance consulting firm, Deloitte provides advising on financial and tax solutions, along with additional related services to both public and private firms globally. Serving a number of industries internationally, Deloitte was in search of a new solution to magnify their targeting precision. In order to acquire new customers for a new wealth management client, Deloitte needed a partner who could tap into prime conversion opportunities by activating first and third-party data for their digital advertising campaign.


  • Decrease CPA & CPM
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Increase number of high value clients


Utilizing our location-based audience graph, we started the process by determining parameters for our geospatial boundaries. In order to find qualified prospects, we created a model to score all Canadian postal codes outside of Quebec, where we then identified approximately 1 million high-tier, potential customers. These devices residing at the top postal codes were then served highly targeted messaging from Deloitte’s client across Google and Facebook. Working directly with their client, we ensured their custom parameters were executed both ethically and securely on our audience graph. For the duration of the campaign, our automated channels equipped Deloitte with access to high quality data which was updated on a weekly basis, and acted as a catalyst in achieving impressive results for their client’s campaign.


  • Increased acquisition rate by 3X
  • 65% increase in high value clients


RainBarrel provided a solution that suited their needs at a much lower Cost Per Thousand (CPM), a lower Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and lower Assisted CPA. Despite working with a lower allocation on spend, RainBarrel outperformed in comparison to the campaign the wealth management company’s media agency was running. At the same time, we achieved an acquisition rate that was 3 times higher than their previous campaign, bringing in a 65% increase in what the client defines as high value customers.

Deloitte’s clients were ecstatic about the results which exceeded their goals. The campaign was a success and achieved much more lucrative results than they had previously seen. The client has opted to continue their work with RainBarrel in the upcoming year, and are delighted to do so with a more robust campaign budget.

Case Study

RainBarrel Drives Competitor Audience to Pacific Western Transportation


Pacific Western Transportation (PWT), the largest privately-owned passenger transportation company in Canada, was presented with an opportunity to expand their transport services following the exit of a major competitor. The challenge was to effectively capture the attention of the competition’s customer base and convert them into PWT customers. The primary objective was to increase ticket sales for PWT. To achieve this, PWT partnered with LoKnow, a leading digital media buyer, who in turn utilized RainBarrel’s cutting-edge audience graph technology. The goal was to leverage real-world foot traffic data to create digital audiences, while maintaining a strong focus on privacy.


Decrease CPA & CPM

Conversion Rate

Increase Number of
High-Value Clients

Leverage Foot Traffic to Create a Digital Audience

Maintain Privacy

Increase Ticket Sales


RainBarrel’s technology was used to target PWT’s competitors and various other travel hubs, allowing
for the collection of necessary data to create an audience for PWT’s ads. The data was anonymized
and organized by geographic location, which helped identify potential PWT customers based on their
travel patterns. Additionally, three key personas were developed for targeting: Student, Corporate,
and Home. The ads were tailored to these personas, ensuring that the right ads were served to the
right people, enhancing ad relevance and engagement.



Rate Increase


Increase in
High-Value Clients

The strategy led to increased sales for PWT, demonstrating the effectiveness of RainBarrel’s
real-world data approach. The campaign was continually optimized, with RainBarrel and LoKnow
working closely together to refine targeting parameters and improve audience makeup. This led to
a more intelligent and ever-evolving campaign, contributing to PWT’s year-over-year sales increase.


RainBarrel’s audience graph technology, with its focus on privacy and real-world foot
traffic data, was instrumental in the success of PWT’s campaign. The strategy resulted in a
highly advanced and optimized campaign that ensured the best possible return on PWT’s
advertising dollar.