How to Use RainBarrel Audiences in The Trade Desk

RainBarrel builds and maintains both public and custom audiences in The Trade Desk. Thousands of public audiences are at your fingertips and available to add to your campaigns, instantly. Let us show you how to use them.

How to Use RainBarrel Audiences in The Trade Desk

RainBarrel Audiences can be found using the build audience tool. They can be selected and saved prior to the campaign build or added while creating an ad group.

To save your RainBarrel audience prior to the campaign set up, click “Build Audience” on the advertiser home page.
Next, click “ADD DATA GROUP” and select “Behavioral”.
Next, toggle “Group of Segments” so it says “Individual Segments”.
Next, click the “Brand” drop-down and select “RainBarrel”.
Then, you can either search for a specific audience or “Click to browse filtered segments”. Remember, you can use the RainBarrel ID from the app to find a specific audience.
Once you have selected your desired audiences, give it a name and click “CREATE AUDIENCE.
Now, to add this audience to your campaign it needs to be selected at the ad group level. Once you have set-up your campaign, select “New Ad Group”.
First, give your new ad group a title, select your settings, and click “NEXT”.
This is the step where you can add the RainBarrel audience you built, or you can select additional audiences by selecting “BUILD AN AUDIENCE”.
That’s it! Finish setting up your new ad group and ensure your campaign is live.

Best Practices for Using RainBarrel Audiences in The Trade Desk


Try to avoid using any rails in the ad group to maximize the size of the audience.


Use the forecast tool in the audience builder to determine the optimal bid for each media type and potential spend.


For display campaigns, utilize as many different creative sizes as possible to maximize the total amount of biddable inventory.

Recommended sizes include: 300 x 250, 320 x 50, 728 x 90, 468 x 60, 160 x 600, 300 x 600, 768 x 1024, 336 x 280, and 970 x 250.